About Kline Technical Consulting

Established in 1966, Kline Technical Consulting (KTC) brings a unique combination of warrior, academic, and technical expertise to develop and field systems for demanding applications that include tracking enemy forces, leading anti-piracy efforts, and developing and implementing large cyberwarfare and advanced security solutions.

As a boutique, nimble security integrator, we deliver high-end solutions on time and on budget with the highest of standards in quality, service, integrity, and confidentiality. Our team of experienced military and engineering specialists work behind the scenes to create, develop, and install the tools, technologies, and systems that frontline warriors must have to survive and win in constantly changing and dangerous environments.

 Our Areas of Expertise

  • Physical security systems
  • Port gantry and portal scanners for containers, railcars, and trucks (CIP, Partners)
  • Force protection and counterterrorism operations
  • Cyber/electronic warfare and anti-piracy efforts
  • Data and network security
  • Advanced material and munitions technologies

Our Philosophy

  • We solve complex problems and involve our clients throughout every phase of the project.
  • We believe the most successful solutions put people first and equipment second - that is, technology extends the human. 
  • We integrate solutions with the big picture in mind, both strategically and tactically.
  • We believe integration is an art that involves acute expertise, where just introducing a best-in-class technology does not ensure success.
  • We seek long-term relationships and partnerships.

KTC is a New Mexico-registered, self-certified, service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that serves government agencies and defense-critical industries in the United States and for its Allied States around the world.

Explore Our Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions:

Physical Security Systems

Biometrics, cameras, specialized sensors, and control systems

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IT Security Services

Large-scale information systems for handling classified data

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