Key Personnel

Kline Technical Consulting (KTC) is a seasoned team of senior leaders, engineers, and specialists with hundreds of years of combined in-the-field work. With our extensive expertise and wide range of services, we have earned a reputation for executing difficult jobs quickly and efficiently in a coordinated, well-planned method.


C. Robert Kline, PhD

Founder and President/Managing Member

International Service

  • Chairman, International Symposium on Disaster Mitigation & Relief
  • Chief Engineer, US/EU/NATO Joint IED Task Force: Rendering Safe Unit
  • Chief, US/UK Joint Artificial Intelligence Programs: Explosives & Mines
  • IEEE Chairman, Chemical and Biological Warfare Counterterrorism Group

National Service

  • Chief Scientist, US Pentagon, Top Secret National Counter missile Defense Unit
  • Chief Engineer, USNAVEODTECHDIV
  • Chief Engineer, US DOD Un Exploded Ordnance (UXO)/EOD (both sites: Eglin Air Force Base, USAF, Florida and  Indian Head Naval Ordnance Base, USN       
  • Chief Technical Executive, US DOE Nuclear Weapon Safeing and Disarming
  • Chief Engineer/Auditor, Antarctica: International Lepton Observatory (muon, neutrino)
  • US National Security Council, Technical Adviser/Briefing Officer (Explosives & UXO)
  • Program Executive (under 2 US Presidents), National Critical Defense Stockpile, Ceramics (in nuclear applications)

Technical Leadership

  • IEEE National Engineers-in-Training Mentor
  • Adviser/Inventor: US Navy and US Air Force Munitions Laboratories
  • Chief Systems Engineer, Nine Classified Electronic Warfare Programs
  • Manager, WWMCCS Information System Design & Deployment
  • Program Manager, Electronic Warfare Helicopter (QUICKFIX and TRAILBLAZER)


Personal Information

  • Inventor (2 classified patents, 2 recently issued – 1 munitions and 1 armor; 5 pending)
  • Creator of three classified information and decisioning systems, currently in use

 Dr. Kline's work in higher cortical functions earlier in his career, which informed twenty years of work in children's traumatic aphasia, led to several early breakthroughs in computer intercept and analysis of signals. Those breakthroughs were the foundation for his continuing work with the US government at National Security Agency (NSA), National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Department of Defense.

Kline is a Life Member of the Society of Old Crows (Intelligence Membership Society).

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Tony Melton

Vice President and Chief Engineer

Tony Melton has more than 25 years of experience as a program manager for industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, security, and inspection. He earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Chico, and specializes in developing x-ray and optical imaging systems for large-scale, complicated security systems.

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Chang-Whan (Peter) Moon

Deputy Chairman and Vice President

Peter Moon has more than 25 years of experience providing business development and professional advisory support to government, military, and private organizations in the areas of sales and marketing, program management, strategic planning, technology product launches, and financial analysis. He is an expert at building relationships and bridging cultural gaps between the U.S. and international companies and organizations. Moon’s past government and military experience includes working with the Department of Energy, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, and Federal Aviation Administration. 

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Preeti Kalra

Director of India Operations

Preeti Kalra brings to KTC a blend of management experience in public relations, business development and customer relationship management as well as training, all critical to KTC's success in its India programs. Additionally, she has a distinguished career in international programs, notably in Africa. Preeti is also the primary liaison with embassies in New Delhi. 

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