Kline Technical Consulting (KTC) ERW/Explosives/Ordnance & Training

    KTC’s explosives forensics group specializes in specialty Weapons Forensics X-Ray systems (including portable systems), and has worked for years with UXO, IED, EOD (including deep subsea UXO/EOD), and de-mining. KTC is experienced in ERW policy review and execution, validation, selection and launch of new technologies, IED kits, training, and related safety and handling of explosives. KTC has worked on the following programs: US/EU/NATO Joint IED Task Force, US/UK Joint Artificial Intelligence Programs for Explosive & Mines, US Pentagon Top Secret National Counter-Terrorism Defense Unit, US DOD UnExploded Ordnance (UXO)/EOD, US DOE Nuclear Weapon Safeing and Disarming, US NationalContinue Reading

    White Paper-The 4 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems: #4

    Consideration #4: Complexity of Control Function What is perhaps the most critical point of any security system is the functional operation. When the general public thinks of security they generally imagine a lonesome soldier, sitting in a guardhouse with a walkie-talkie and a radio blaring a local sportscast. There is also the image of a man in a white jacket waiting next to a carefully placed emergency red button. As prolific as these images are they are not the reality of security systems. As we know, every year the “desired” security system for that year is more complex and often muchContinue Reading
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    Why We are Proud to be Crows! AOC Celebrates its 49th Birthday

    The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is entering its 49th birthday dedicated to advancing electronic warfare strategy, policy and programs. From the very beginnings until now, the association has grown its mission statement to include Information Operations (IO) and Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) operations. The AOC is comprised of people from industry, government, and military who get together at AOC conferences and symposiums to discuss issues related to EW/IO and come up with solutions benefiting the warfighter and our nation’s defense. As an international association, the AOC has 66 chapters around the world where members can meet locally andContinue Reading

    White Paper-The 4 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems: #3

    Consideration #3: Overt and Covert Systems When installing a security system, there are interesting psychological ramifications that KTC takes into consideration to create the ultimate system for our clients. We want visitors, wanted and unwanted, to know that our sites are fully secured. We use visible cameras, guns and other systems that make all parties aware of the security measures taken. This fact, to the trained eye, is a sign of a well-formed covert security system as well as overt. Ideally, the overt and covert systems should work together to reinforce one another. We use covert designed sensors that workContinue Reading

    White Paper-The 4 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems: #2

    Consideration #2: Scalability, Flexibility, Installation and Disruption of Flow When considering security for any asset many people look only into the foreseeable future. One of the most valuable features that KTC offers is an ability to scale any project for size, cost and other variables. In many cases the project is so large it must be done in phases. In these situations we know the scalability of the project and we add the element of flexibility with the installation. With our plans we are able to close sections of a factory or port to install security measures while other locationsContinue Reading

    Storm and School Security Shelters

    In light of recent events in the well known Tornado Alley, KTC and A Box 4 U have joined forces to create a shelter that can save lives and provide schools and public venues state-of-the-art security systems. With these advanced technologies we are proud to introduce a shelter that has been certified to withstand the strongest forces mother nature (EF-5 Tornado, Cat-5 Hurricane) has to offer. To view the flyer in full click on the image below. For a printable version please click here.

    White Paper-The 4 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems: #1

    Consideration #1: Requirements Definition and Cost The first step in any security and protection assignment is to determine to what extent a subject will be protected. This will take into account several factors. Threat What is the direct threat to the asset? Is the threat coming from a physical attack or a technology system attack? From an unknown source? Vulnerabilities Where is the asset vulnerable? The size and type of the asset will determine what types of vulnerabilities could open it for an attack. Larger assets like a tanker will have very different vulnerabilities than a piece of software. Value of Asset We must establishContinue Reading

    White Paper-Exploring New Frontiers in Blast Protection

    As we at KTC continue to confront problems with sustainability and service in difficult situations (bombs, heavy weather, and small arms fire in particular), we rely on our colleagues at A Box 4 U to provide structures that protect the workers and officers as well as our own electronics and sustainment kits. To explain their capability in more detail, we turned to Dr. Sari, a key consultant to A Box 4 U, asking him to explain A Box 4 U’s known successful, well-tested approach: By Ali Sari, Ph.D., PE, Principal Consultant Blast-resistant building design is a relatively unexplored frontier. ForContinue Reading
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    Top 5 Concerns of Security Directors and Managers: Infographic

    In the world of perimeter security the practice to see first, know first and act first is not always the organizations primary mission. Security Managers share some of their primary concerns to optimize their standard operating procedures. Have a look at Perceptics’ Infograpic by clicking on the title above.

    White Paper-Jamming at the Gate, Part Three

    We have now looked at offensive planning (Part One) and at defensive planning (Part Two), and we have discussed vehicle inspection, blast resistant modules (often Ballistically uparmored) or use as control rooms, and at data acquisition in large complex systems. How can it all be tied together not just in an Integrated Security Plan document but also how the architect of the entire system might leverage one aspect and/or another to create a cost effective and quickly integrated system for a client/command. We also discussed securing SCADA nodes and everything discussed in that posting applies as well. Basic architecture considerations include: HardenedContinue Reading