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    White Paper-VTI: Data Acquisition and Functional Test

    When KTC has to secure a large perimeter or build and deliver systems which incorporate large complex units or units with subsystems which – if handled improperly or allowed to operate off spec – can injure or kill people (such as very high power x-ray systems), we must instrument the perimeter, the complex unit or the subsystems so that we can monitor, continuously, all aspects of the perimeter or unit. To do that we must employ proven data acquisition (DAQ) systems. Systems which track movement, temperatures and pressures, state-of-health of the instrumentation itself and so on. KTC searched variousContinue Reading

    White Paper-Perceptics: The Case Against Automated Anomaly Detection in Vehicle Inspections Process

    KTC again reaches out to Perceptics to continue this series of point papers on subjects we are frequently asked about. We asked our partner Perceptics (www.perceptics.com) to address the case against automated anomaly detection in vehicle inspections process. So, Phil, Jennie, Don – over to you… Thousands of facilities worldwide have vehicle identification and inspection processes as part of perimeter security protocols. Gate officers at these facilities may inspect hundreds of vehicles on a daily basis before granting vehicles and occupants access to the facility. But how do security managers maintain the highest standard of watchfulness, while avoiding monotony andContinue Reading

    White Paper-Perceptics: Why State Identification is Vital in License Plate Readers

    KTC is pleased to continue this series of point papers on subjects we are frequently asked about. For this we asked our partner Perceptics (www.perceptics.com) to address the issue of identifying the state of issue for license plates. Perceptics manages the highest accuracy rate of any vendor, even for vehicles traveling at road speeds (guaranteed at >95%) and still manages to identify the plate number and the state – quickly! So, Phil, Jennie, Don – over to you… Why State Identification is Vital in License Plate Readers for Access Control Vehicle identifications and inspections constitute key components of many perimeter and accessContinue Reading

    White Paper- A Box 4 U SAFETYsuite: Productivity Inside Blast Resistant Outside

    We are pleased to introduce Mr. Ross Draney, who heads up A Box 4 U’s Safety and Security Division , as he and the company’s founder discuss the SAFETYsuite and its underlying technology. KTC has chosen A Box 4 U based on our history providing safe spaces throughout our industry. We offer both a standard leasing fleet and custom SAFETYsuites which include: • Control Rooms • SCADA Node Structures • Change Rooms • Continue Reading

    White Paper-KTC and Cyber Defense: Why the Cyber Pearl Harbor Comment Should Hit Home

    The US Secretary of Defense is not known as a “hyper” person; it is hard to expect that he suddenly has fallen into hyperbole. Indeed, KTC has been working in cyber warfare and cyber defense for many years. Many other firms and many people have been as well. But the work has been mostly in the darkness, not only so-called “Black” programs – but literally in the closed office/carrel where someone sits glued to a computer screen. In fact most hackers are lone wolves, and most corporations and government groups think those wolves are their enemy and so they create a smallContinue Reading

    White Paper-Jamming at the Gate, Part Two

    In Part One (“Offensive Side”) we discussed the use of jamming technology to effect spectrum control and protection (active, purposeful denial or “blanking” of some or all of the communication frequencies of potential use by adversaries or Opposing Forces [OPFORS]). The “Defensive Side”, which is discussed here, is the OPFORS’ use of jammers designed to defeat Friendly Forces’ sensors and communication subsystems and the Counter-Electronic Countermeasures used to defeat these attacks. These countermeasures are often called PSIM or Physical Security Information Management – known to most designers of large scale security systems as the preferred all-encompassing electronic security system. “Physical Security Information Management,Continue Reading