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    White Paper- Jamming at the Gate, Part One

    Not a reference to music but a hot topic nonetheless. This two-sided issue is often the “non-issue” or the topic professionals prefer to overlook or not discuss with clients. Side one (“Offense”): the use of jamming technology to effect spectrum control and protection (active, purposeful denial or “blanking” of some or all of the communication frequencies of potential use by adversaries or Opposing Forces [OPFORS]). All systems are monitored, extensively. IT Security   Side two (“Defense”): OPFORS’ use of jammers designed to defeat Friendly Forces’ sensors and communication subsystems and the Counter-Electronic Countermeasures used to defeat these attacks. This blog entry is focused onContinue Reading


    Welcome to our site and to this blog. Our site is designed to present our capabilities and tell a bit about our history as a company. The blog, on the other hand, is designed to be a water cooler, a place where issues are discussed without regard to whether we created the tools or remedies discussed. For example, this may include past user solutions and commentary with the wisdom, lessons learned, or projected next steps. These blog posts are written by one or more members of our technical staff, advisers, or other experts. When the writer is not a member ofContinue Reading
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