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    Top 5 Concerns of Security Directors and Managers: Infographic

    In the world of perimeter security the practice to see first, know first and act first is not always the organizations primary mission. Security Managers share some of their primary concerns to optimize their standard operating procedures. Have a look at Perceptics’ Infograpic by clicking on the title above.

    White Paper-Perceptics: Why State Identification is Vital in License Plate Readers

    KTC is pleased to continue this series of point papers on subjects we are frequently asked about. For this we asked our partner Perceptics (www.perceptics.com) to address the issue of identifying the state of issue for license plates. Perceptics manages the highest accuracy rate of any vendor, even for vehicles traveling at road speeds (guaranteed at >95%) and still manages to identify the plate number and the state – quickly! So, Phil, Jennie, Don – over to you… Why State Identification is Vital in License Plate Readers for Access Control Vehicle identifications and inspections constitute key components of many perimeter and accessContinue Reading