• White Paper-The 4 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems: #3

    Consideration #3: Overt and Covert Systems

    When installing a security system, there are interesting psychological ramifications that KTC takes into consideration to create the ultimate system for our clients. We want visitors, wanted and unwanted, to know that our sites are fully secured. We use visible cameras, guns and other systems that make all parties aware of the security measures taken. This fact, to the trained eye, is a sign of a well-formed covert security system as well as overt. Ideally, the overt and covert systems should work together to reinforce one another.

    We use covert designed sensors that work in tandem with overt sensors. One may see a camera mounted near an entrance and understand that is a natural security measure, however they may never see the internal sensors hidden within or near the camera housing. The camera may be hiding detection devices for any number of hazardous materials but all the layman sees is a camera.
    Security Camera

    When deciding between covert and overt systems, cost is always a consideration. An overt system usually costs less for a number of reasons. An overt security system, usually including cameras, fencing and tension wires, is relatively simple to install, and there is no need for the secrecy in installation that is required for covert systems. Covert systems, however, must be installed covertly as well. The covert systems tend to be inherently more difficult to install: pressure sensors, acoustic sensors and various microwave and infrared sensors can be costly to install and calibrate.

    Case Study: Terrorist or Wolf Pack?

    Suppose the area around a classified compound has been mapped out with an array of microphones and sensors. These can sense a wolf walking through the woods, record the various signals, and send the data to the computers for analysis. Motion is detected at 3 a.m., but the signal spectrum and time of night does not match the wolf pack’s patterns, so the system OR an operator turns on another bank of covert sensors hidden in the trees. In actuality it is not a wolf or wolf pack – it is a fire team moving.

    Our equipment can be sensitive enough to detect the different patterns of a natural entity like a wolf pack and unwanted human presence.

    Overt or Covert: We Examine, You Decide

    There are multiple considerations to look at when deciding upon a security system. We offer our clients a comprehensive evaluation of what we believe will be the best, most cost effective use of their time and money. Deciding between a covert or overt system can be complicated but we give you all of the information you need to best suit all of your needs. Looking at all of the factors: cost, time, space, workforce and most importantly, the protected location we are confident our clients are in the best situation to make a well informed decision.

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