• Why We are Proud to be Crows! AOC Celebrates its 49th Birthday

    The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is entering its 49th birthday dedicated to advancing electronic warfare strategy, policy and programs. From the very beginnings until now, the association has grown its mission statement to include Information Operations (IO) and Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) operations. The AOC is comprised of people from industry, government, and military who get together at AOC conferences and symposiums to discuss issues related to EW/IO and come up with solutions benefiting the warfighter and our nation’s defense. As an international association, the AOC has 66 chapters around the world where members can meet locally and attend chapter events discussing EW, IO, and EMS operations.

    What is a “Crow”? A “Crow” is someone who sees the utilization and manipulation of intangible elements like the EMS and information as an important element of military operations. The origin of the name:

    Electronic Countermeasures officers during WW2 were given the codename “Raven.” After the war, ECM officers that returned to the US were instructed to set up a Strategic Air Command (SAC) flying course. The name “Raven” was then changed to “Crow” by the students attending the course. Frequently keeping in contact and commiserating on the latest happening in their EW world, the “Crows” became a close group.

    Those who were “Crows” in SAC came up with an idea to have a reunion. This reunion resulted in the idea of creating an organization to foster and preserve the art of EW, promote the exchange of ideas and information in this field, and to recognize advancement and contributions to EW. Not only were people working in ECM “Crows” but also the people who became a member of the AOC.

    Being a member of the AOC and becoming a “Crow” means more than just receiving the latest news in EW through the monthly Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) magazine and weekly through the eCrow, an electronic newsletter. Crows are involved in a group that is:

    • A source of expertise on control and exploitation of spectrum and information for effective operations;
    • An international advocate for EM spectrum operations and associated capabilities in all operational domains; and
    • A group of colleagues for continuing spectrum education through professional development and learning courses.

    From a “Lifer” Old Crow.
    All the Best,

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