Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Services: Protecting assets that create, enable, and/or sustain the processes and personnel deemed essential to the seamless and successful operation of an entity.


Kline Technical Consulting provides CIP Services focused on Physical Security (PS) Systems and Information Technology Security (IT Security) Services.


KTC, desiring to keep its tight focus on its core competencies, partners with other specialized firms when needed. For example KTC partners with VTI Instruments when critical data acquisition networks are involved. In this CIP arena no partner is more critical than IIS: KTC Partners with IIS and Tony Melton on critical X-Ray CIP programs. Mr. Melton and IIS are the largest shareholder (and the only corporate shareholder) of KTC. KTC and IIS from time to time use the KTC Global entity for special work. KTC provided early funding for IIS and is a shareholder of IIS. KTC and IIS were reorganized on the split of HYTEC (which KTC co-owned) into a medical/dental scanning technology unit with the defense and energy unit work taken up by Melton/IIS and Kline/KTC which have continued that work. More Info: Partners, About Us, IIS Brochure



China Lake Rail-Based System 

                                                            CHINA LAKE RAIL-BASED SYSTEM

KTC’s approach to each is based in the same framework, centered on Define / Build / Operate, where:

Define involves intense study of potential threats and the vulnerabilities occasioned by those threats, a systems engineering approach to how to mitigate or remove the vulnerabilities (how to defeat the threat), creation of an engineering plan for What Needs to Be Done (SOW Chart), and operational plans To Manage the Work (IT Security Case Study, Electronic Warfare Case Study, Expert engineering and program analysis for Military Case Study). Read this Case Study about KTC's project for the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity: Designing and Delivering a Nationwide SCADA Network.

Build is the actual work – which can be as small as a training program lasting a few days or as large as acquiring, integrating, installing and commissioning an entire complex-wide system, then conducting training and multiple drill/practice exercises on operating the system, and sometimes following up with unscheduled “attacks” on the complex to test the hardware, software, and personnel.

Operate is most often the customer’s responsibility, but sometimes KTC is asked to protect the asset using its own personnel. This work is done according to a carefully detailed Engagement Document (comprising a specific statement of work, an executive order/approval to conduct the work, specific Rules of Engagement, and other contractual documents regarding responsibilities, compensation, protection, and various permissions for essential services and movements of KTC personnel).


KTC's Infographic shows a visual representation of our Define, Build, Operate process. Read about KTC's experienced approach to physical and IT security and the seven most critical considerations for physical security systems.


The KTC IT Security Services framework interlinks cyber security services, network security, SCADA system security (physical assets as well as electronic data) and satellite/telecommunications.


The KTC Physical Security Systems framework involves perimeter security systems, overt and covert sensing and monitoring systems, advanced IED detection and disarmament systems, the information management systems linking them and the civil improvements required to install and sustain the systems. >>Learn More

The Blue Wheel - Define Build Operate

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