Integrated Security Packages

Integrated Security is a part of critical infrastructure protection (CIP) used for port facility security, oil and gas security, checkpoint security and many other government, military and commercial sites.


KTC’s philosophy of integration differs from many others – we do not see bringing in camera outputs and clicking through them (or portraying them in tiled panels) as “integration.” That may be “assembling” but it is not integration. Integration in our approach means truly merging all the pieces together and this is why we prefer FORTEM’s PSIM toolkit. The goal is to unify and automate all the outputs in such a way that the person monitoring the system sees anything which either (a) violates a preset condition or value or (b) begins to operate improperly.


Technology extends the person but does not replace the person. By providing rapid alarm and highlighting the specific alarm the integrated system brings the problem to the monitoring person’s attention.


The operator can then initiate a preplanned set of instructions or investigate the alarm and/or report the alarm. The operator can set the system to automatically initiate the set of instructions and maintain a single control override capability.


For example, motion at a distant fence can set a control room alarm, slew cameras to focus on the location, heighten threshold settings of other sensors (overt or covert), and continue beaming live video to the control room. Meanwhile, various algorithms running in the background identify the cause of the motion and, identify it.


This sort of higher order integration allows the operator to be in discussion, in real time, with his/her supervisor.


But that is not all; the operator can manually set new alarm thresholds in preset locations to create a “back-up” line. The system must also allow the operator (or the preset program) to automatically open certain circuits and close others, to lock down certain locations and to allow responding assets to move freely into the region of interest.


We call these Integrated Security Packages. They offer all the advantages of video and camera capture systems so often sold, plus sensor data capture with added control functionality.


The Integrated Security Packages are both afferent and efferent –bringing signals into the “control room” and integrating those signals before portraying their combined outputs, and then going out to control the sensors and their settings and to marshal resources.


Learn more about KTC's approach to physical and IT security and the seven most critical considerations for physical security. You can also download KTC's Physical Security Flyer and Infographic, a graphical representation of our Define, Build, Operate process.

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