Key Personnel - C. Robert Kline, PhD

C. Robert Kline, PhD
President and Managing Member, Kline Technical Consulting, LLC


Bob was a pioneer in machine intelligence, a former college professor, and a veteran government program manager. He was a professor at The University of Texas and a guest professor at Université de Neuchâtel, University of Houston, and St. John’s University. Kline served the US Office of Naval Research/Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the Strategic Defense Initiative (now BMDO), the US Department of Defense Tri-Service AI Program, and the National Security Agency.


Dr. Kline's work in higher cortical functions in the 1960s, which informed twenty years of work in children's traumatic aphasia, led to several early breakthroughs in computer intercept and analysis of signals. Those breakthroughs informed his continuing work since 1966 with the US government at the National Security Agency, the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Department of Defense.


Dr. Kline was lead system engineer on 9 classified electronic cyber warfare programs, lead engineer on the Worldwide Military Command and Control System and its TEMPEST, Security, and LAN-WAN Upgrades. This followed a three year role as one of two staff leaders in the US Army Electronic Warfare Helicopter program (Warrenton, Virginia).


He was the National Science Foundation's technical auditor on Project IceCube, the international neutrino / muon observatory (Antarctica). He served as lead Evaluator for the US Military National Ceramics Readiness Board (two presidents). (Ceramics and ceramic precursors are critical to military hardware - from weapons to electronic parts to aeronautical assemblies to high power switches.)


He designed, built, rolled out, and transitioned the SDIO ("Star Wars") Information System [now BMDO] with System High TOP SECRET voice, data and video. This worldwide network connected every firing platform in the inventory with 14 US sites and the CIA, White House, and the Pentagon.


The governments of Israel and the Republic of China gave him awards for work in specialty materials, and Dr. Kline has received military and civilian awards in the USA. He has worked in nine foreign countries for the US government, specifically in the area of counterterrorism involving explosive and radioactive/nuclear materials in Russia, India, Israel, Japan, Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Germany, The Netherlands, and Thailand.


He worked with officers/ministers in the Government of India in 1992–95 to reduce environmental pollution resulting from internal combustion engines. He worked with personnel at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (Chennai/Kalpakkam) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Trombay), from 1986–97.


Dr. Kline is involved in two classified patents, several recently issued patents and has a number of pending patents. One of the recent patents was awarded to the team of inventors of a composite projectile which implements a novel method of welding dissimilar energetic metals; one was as inventor of a new armor material packaging technique (proven by USG); and one as inventor of a new material made from precursor ceramic matrix composites.


His doctorate is from the University of North Carolina; he also earned A.B., B.S., and M.Ed. degrees. He was inducted in 1976 into the National Humanities Faculty.


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