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Technologies for Physical Security Systems

Technologies for Physical Security Systems

Kline Technical Consulting (KTC) works with many types of sensors and tools to implement physical security systems for protecting critical assets. The following includes a detailed, but not comprehensive, list of available technologies:


  • Automated container code readers
  • Automated license plate reader/analysis
  • Biometric access systems
  • Blast resistant, ballistically protected units
  • Camera/video surveillance systems (visible Light, IR, thermal, mmW)
  • Container location systems
  • Covert sensors (e.g., acoustic detectors, pressure and proximity detectors)
  • Crowd monitoring and control systems
  • Data mining
  • Emergency power generation
  • Force protection barriers (bollards, serpentines, gate arms, man traps)
  • Handheld HazMat response information units and communicators
  • Integrated command, control, and comms
  • Integrated hierarchical control systems
  • Law enforcement enhancement tools
  • Lawful intercept (cell, landline, fax, data)
  • Long distance hailers
  • Networked information systems
  • Overt sensors (e.g. radiation detectors, specialized cameras, and metal detectors)
  • Prescripted emergency response programs
  • Proximity sensors
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Undervehicle and vehicle inspection
  • Video analytics
  • ERW 
  • IED detection
  • Explosive & Ordnance training

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