Engineering services

Engineering experience

  • Inventing and improving advanced materials 
  • Building and Operating large-scale
    waste remediation, soil and water rehabilitation, and
    pollution mitigation technology centers
  • Building materials manufacturing plants
  • Evaluating new materials for clients 
  • Teaching about new technologies in materials  

Major Applications

Oil Field & Chemicals

  • EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery in [Older] Oil Fields):  The highly aromatic oil produced from waste tires by our preferred partner works very well for remediation of underperforming or shut-in formerly producing oil wells. The use of this oil for EOR has been repeatedly proven in tightly controlled field tests. It is the best proven asphaltene and paraffin solvent ever discovered, and breaking up the asphaltene and paraffin blockages in the older well and especially in the porous fractures which allow the oil to be pumped out of the well is one major way the solvent works. 

  • EOR (Cleaning Tank Bottoms and Transport Holds [Rail Cars, Barges, Tankers]): The same production oil, from our preferred partner, is a powerful asphaltene and paraffin solvent and has been used for over 10 years in USA specifically for cleaning tank bottoms, pipelines, and storage vessels.
    The solvent reduces the ‘sludge’ and thick build up on the tank/vessel bottom returning that material to production oil, ready for the refinery. 

  •  Specialty Chemicals:   KTC’s aggressive technical development program along with our partners’ equally aggressive programs has led to a wide range of field- and laboratory-proven chemicals and chemical additives/building blocks including: Pipeline and Storage Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Enhanced Additives used in Production of Rubber used in Tires, Commodity and Specialty Seals, and Chemicals used in: Insulations and Intumescent Coatings, Paints, d Construction Materials> Also our chemicals used as Etchants, Proppants, Surfactants, Drilling Fluid Additives, Drilling Mud Additives, Cementing Chemicals, Asphalt Mixing Chemicals, and Chemicals used in Polymer-, Metal-, and Ceramic-Nanocomposites.

  •  Environmental Recovery:  Oil soaked sand and biomass can be processed, separating the oil from the organic material and outputting both the oil and clean sands. 

X-Ray and Control Systems

In x-ray inspection KTC has worked with inspection systems for security applications, for process verification/control (“QC”), and for use in ERW/UXO/EOD (Explosive Remnants of War [mines, for example]; Unexploded Ordnance, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal).
 In Control systems we have designed and built SCADA networks and units, national data acquisition and monitoring systems, and systems for water management, fuel management, power generation management, and computer control of manufacturing tooling (individual tools, such as CNC machines; robotic parts pick and place systems; and manufacturing line control systems).

Much of this work involved internationally focused efforts paid for by government authorities; some of this work involved creation of new materials and designs, and much of it involved hands-on work. From all of these activities we learned a lot about the work, planning for that work, staging for it, creating and installing the systems, and conducting training for employees who will use the systems.