Our history

Kline Technical Consulting, LLC (KTC) was established in 1966 and is a seasoned team of  senior leaders, engineers, and specialists with hundreds of years of combined in-the field work. With our extensive expertise and wide range of services, we have earned a reputation for executing difficult jobs quickly and efficiently in a coordinated, well-planned method. 

Who we are

C Robert Kline, PhD, Chairman and Managing Director

A.B. 1966, PhD, 1971, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)

Kline's work since 1966 has included selecting and validating technologies and managing system rollouts for agencies of the US Government, international corporations and industrial groups. When required by international treaty or domestic laws governing security and/or foreign trade practice, Kline joined companies – usually for a period of less than two years – in order to assure legal compliance. His unclassified publications in coatings, manufacturing technology, and notably in mapping higher cortical – i.e., language and code – functions), mostly in the period 1977-1989, are still referenced and available. His work in artificial intelligence (Tri-Service AI Project, "Senior Researcher," 1984-1987) remains one of the bases of controls systems (computer) design.

Kline has two classified patents plus one formerly classified patent, two newly issued patents (2013, one in welding/joining of dissimilar metals technology, the other in ceramic composite enhanced coatings) and four pending Chinese patents and seven pending US patents.


He lives in Richmond, Texas.

Chang-Whan (Peter) Moon, Executive Vice President and Deputy Chairman, KTC


B.A. College of William & Mary; Graduate Studies: George Washington U. 

& College of William & Mary 


Over thirty years of experience providing leadership and professional advisory support to private, Federal, and DoD organizations in the multiple areas (e.g., sales, account management, strategic and market planning, technology product launch, technology licensing and joint-venturing, and large-scale program management). Private entities include companies engaged in advanced power systems for electric vehicles, MEMS, biometrics, advanced displays, airbags, shipbuilding, EAI/BI software, 3-D computed tomography (CT) systems, and industrial coatings. Federal and DoD organizations include Department of Energy, SDIO, Department of the Navy, Department of the Air Force, Military Sea Lift Command, Federal Aviation Administration, USAID, and USPS. 

As relationship builder forged strong continuing bonds at highest levels of Mitsui, Sumitomo, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding, Nissho Iwai, Bridgestone, Samsung, Acer, Tatung, Fiat, Skoda, Black & Decker, EDF, Groupe Schneider, Hyundai, Daewoo and many others. 

Having lived in Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Bolivia, and Argentina, developed strong financial skills complementing strategy and management skills: bridging business and cultural gaps between the US and international markets.

  Five examples:

  • At Kline Technical Consulting (provider of an integrated security solution that leverages a command and control system that integrates hardware from different vendors and disparate systems including x-ray scanners, biometrics, imaging devices, sensors, metal detectors, secure portals and other security products/technologies), e.g., won and managed an $850K competitive bid to install security portals for a US Federal agency. 

  • As Director, International Business Development for BDM International (now part of Northrop Grumman), was recruited to start-up international activities, identifying and appointing agents in Taiwan, Japan and Korea, and initiating and negotiating contracts.

  • With Horizon Battery Technology, Inc., sought and negotiated $10 million licensing agreements with the leaders of major corporations in Japan and India.

  • Conceived/wrote the business plan then scoured the world to deliver $200 million in equity funding (from a Singapore company) for the first privately-owned international port in India.

  • With Ernst & Young and PwC, managed multiple major assignments focused upon organizational and profit improvement (e.g., $90 million Navy Industrial Improvement Program, with 20 direct reports and 300 indirect reports).